Adequate and fast selection of the type of storehouse among many offered today on the market often determines the success of investment. Adequate storehouse first of all ensures cost reduction and effective flow of goods in the supply chain. Trans Południe offers storage, warehousing and packaging services in three warehouses, with the total area of almost 15,000 m2 . The facilities are located in Debica and Straszecin.


By entrusting inventory to Trans Południe, our Customers have guaranteed the following:

  • faster and error-free order processing,
  • reduced investment expense and storehouse operation costs,
  • permanent control over flow of goods,
  • more efficient supply chain management.



ul. Podgrodzie 8b, 39-200 Dębica
tel. +48 (014) 680 87 03
fax +48 (014) 680 87 23

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